Emotional Resilience for Leadership

Emotional Resilience for Leadership

Evidence-backed protocols to expand the capacity of your leadership team. Taught to 1000+ students over 5 years.

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These are highly interactive and engaging sessions, with content can be tailored to your teams specific requirements and objectives.

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Potential Topics to Be Explored

Resilience Is No Longer a Luxury

Rates of anxiety, overwhelm and burnout are at an all-time high amongst founders and C-suite leaders. Nor is this surprising given that few are taught how to listen to the interoceptive feedback from their body or consciously self-regulate.

Impact of Accumulated Emotional Debt

Worse still, prolonged periods of high-stress cause 'allostatic overload' to accumulate—this increases the fragility of our nervous system, leading to anxiety, degraded performance & ultimately, exhaustion.

Impact on Decision-Making

With fragile nervous systems, our decision-making capacity is compromised, and the vicious cycle ensues — with the best case continuing to cope in a state of perpetual mild disassociation. This state of being is far from conducive to effective, courageous, and creative leadership.

Learn How to Embrace Intensity

The leaders we are inspired by have one thing in common — they possess grounded and regulated nervous systems, which act as a tuning fork for the rest of their team. They embrace intensity whilst maintaining the emotional agility and bandwidth to hold space for colleagues... and can sustain this over time without burning themselves out.