Live Breathwork Journey

Live Breathwork Journey

Prep Checklist

Mic working
Sound check
Screenshare test
Open Zoom room early
Water available
Headphones charged

πŸšͺ Opening (9.30am)

  • Welcome everyone (music playing)
  • How are you feeling in your body right now in 5 words or less?
  • We'll start at 5 minutes past to give a few more folks time to join and then close the zoom doors. So you can use this time to grab some water or stretch if you'd like.

  • (At 9.35am) So the Flow for today's breathwork session:
    • First we'll go over three brief ground rules
    • Second, I'll explain the technique and answer any questions
    • Third, I'd like you each to briefly share your intention for this journey
    • Then we'll have a few minutes for a toilet break and for you to get set up before dropping into the 75 minute breathwork journey.

πŸ™ Three Requests

Before we begin I'd like to play a hand raising game... there are three ground rules I'm going to share, and if you could each raise your hand as a way of showing that you agree that would be great.

  1. First, confidentialityβ€”everything shared in this space remains completely confidential. You're of course welcome to speak to your own experience afterwards but not share the experience of anyone else. This session isn't being recorded and so there won't be any replay.
  2. Second, commitment to stayβ€”for the full duration of the session and that you won't have any interruptions for the next 2 hours. It can also help to put any notifications on silent.
  3. Finally, raise confirm that you've read through the list of medical contra-indications in the course notes – I'll share here in the chat again just in case anyone missed it (link)

  • Can everyone please raise a physical hand to say that they agree to these three ground rules?

Breathwork Primer

Okay so let's start with the technique of conscious connected breathing and for this I'm going to screenshare a video I recorded earlier...

  • It's pretty simple, there are three things to remember.

  1. First, Breathe in and out through an open mouth with a relaxed jaw.
  2. Second, Breathe such that there are no pauses at either the top or the bottom of your breath. So, as soon as you finish inhaling, you exhale. Before you get to the bottom of the exhalation, you connect right back up to the full inhalation again. Like a circle. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. No pauses.
  3. Finally, breathe with a vibrant and full inhale and a relaxed and soft exhale. Ideally, as in the video, your inhale flows from deep in the belly, up through the chest and then the exhale should drop without much of a sound or any effort. At some point, you might begin to feel as if you are being breathed and you won't have to focus on the technique so much.

  • In the beginning you'll probably focus on the technique more but fairly quickly its common to 'drop in' and you'll just be able to witness the breath flowing.
  • If you feel like your throat or jaw is tight at any point, then it can be helpful to let out either a big sigh or a toning sound like VOO.
  • The nice thing about breathing at home in your own space is you can feel more permission to move, express any emotions and make any sounds that you feel drawn to. It's all about trusting the wisdom of your body.
  • If it all gets too intense at any point you can always switch to breathing through the nose and into your belly. The same applies if you start to notice any tingling or cramping in the hands, this is really common and also entirely safe.
  • Your breath is like the throttle for this experience and you can control the intensity. Once the music peaks just after halfway through, the invitation is to allow your breath to soften and drop into a state of integration and eventually deep rest and relaxation.

❓ Any questions so far about the technique or the journey?

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Opening Sharing Circle

  • As we're a relatively small group I'd like to open the space for everyone here to briefly share their name, where you're joining us from and what your intention is for this breathwork journey.
  • Please keep your intentions relatively brief – no more than a minute or so per person. I'll begin, I'm Jonny, currently based in Bali and my intention for this breathwork journey is to be deeply present and hold space for whatever wants to emerge today.

🚽 Set up your Nest + final reminders

  • Okay Take the next couple of minutes to use toilet if needed, lie down on your bed or maybe yoga mat with your palms faced up, make sure that you're comfy, you're welcome to leave your video on or off, whichever you feel most comfortable with – I like to leave mine on but it's entirely up to you.
  • Ensure that anyone within earshot knows not to disturb you and also not to be alarmed if they hear any loud noises or expressions of emotion.
  • Reminder: if at any point you need help or you're struggling or you have a question, message me privately through zoom and and I'll reply.
  • You can also put on an eye-mask if you have one accessible and also make sure that your volume is turned up to a reasonably loud level for the music when I do the sound check.
  • Okay how does the sound level sound?
  • So please take the next couple of minutes to get settled use the toilet and set up your space to breathe.

🎡 Start the music...

Okay before we begin just start by taking a few breaths into your belly. Allowing it to rise on inhale and then completely drop on exhale. See how present you can be throughout the duration of this experience.

After three breaths, softly repeat your intention to yourself and let it go. Breathe in, let it go, breathe in, let it go...

And now as the music starts begin breathing through an open mouth, letting your jaw be soft, with a vibrant inhale that starts in the belly and flows up to the chest... and then completely letting it go on exhale.

Demo the sound of three breaths

When you reach the top of your inhale let it drop, when you reach the bottom of your exhale connect it to the next inhale.

On the next inhale to open up our vocal chords make a sound on the next exhale... OMMMMMM

And one more... OMMMMMM

Okay enjoy the journey

πŸ‘ Closing the Circle

  • Bringing people back slowly...
  • Giving thanks for this time and this space we've shared together.

πŸ™ Integration Practices + Sharing

  • Come back slowly
  • How is your body feeling? Is there anything that you would like to share with the circle?
  • Leave time open for the next 15 minutes to journal, sketch or walk outside.
  • Remember to hydrate well afterwards
  • If you have any followup questions later today or in the following days you're always welcome to email me or message in Discord