Session #2 ~ Exploring Interoception + Reactivity

Session #2 ~ Exploring Interoception + Reactivity

👋 GROUNDING // Guided A.P.E Practice

🙏 CHECK-IN // Pairs Reflections

In Pairs, share what you noticed in pairs during the A.P.E. check-in

🚦 THEORY // Window of Tolerance

How to explain the window of tolerance

Point that reactivity is when we fall outside the window.

But it can look different for different people ~ some lean towards dorsal and others into high tone parasymathetic.

🧱 REFLECTION: Feather, Brick, Dump Truck

I’ve studied the phenomenon of burnout in the workplace and many of the leaders that I spoke to all mentioned that in hindsight there were obvious signs leading up to the implosion that they chose to ignore.

I like to think of these as Feather – Brick – Dump truck moments.

Early on, our body will give us feedback in the form of feathers ~ perhaps it’s not feeling rested when we wake up in the mornings.

If we don’t listen, then the knocks become louder ~ perhaps we double down our caffeine intake to over-compensate ~ and then finally, if these signs are still ignored then there will be a ‘dump-truck’ moment or ‘burnout’ in which the dorsal vagal fuse blows and we’re forced to stop and listen.

Feather, Brick, Dump Truck // Journal Prompt

Can you recall a feather, brick or dump-truck moment in your life? Perhaps when your body was giving you signs which you didn’t pay attention to until the intensity increased? Journal prompt to explore how a less-than-optimal nervous system control impacting your life.

Radical Self-Enquiry // The Costs of Reactivity

Radical self-enquiry on how decisions made from reactivity or high stress that are negatively impacting your life.

Do you have any regrets from moments that you acted out of reactivity which negatively impacted yourself or others?

In medical speak hypercortisolinia is the technical term for an excess of cortisol the stress hormone in your blood. As most of us know, in the long term this leads to all kinds of bad things.

How is having less-than-optimal nervous system control impacting your life—at home or at work? Have you ever been teetering on burnout?

Really think about this. How might it have increased unnecessary conflict in your life? Or diminished connection in important relationships? Have you experienced a lack of self-confidence in challenging situations?

>> In break-out rooms of three: can you recall a feather, brick or dump truck moment?

🤼 GAME // Role-Playing

In break-out groups of three ~

Label yourselves A,B and C.

Imagine that you’re all in a long queue for train tickets (this is maybe before we had mobile apps), and person A just pushed in front of person B without saying anything.

We begin the two minutes of role playing with person B confronting person A. Meanwhile person C is just witnessing. Let this play out, imagining that it was a real situation.

After two minutes ~ everyone pause and person C reflect back what they witnessed in both A&B during the confrontation. Did either get angry, or collapse? How was their posture? The tone of their voice? Did they appear to be in Sympathetic, Dorsal or Ventral during the argument?

Q&A // Final Questions

🙏 WRAP-UP // Key Take-aways

Invitation to practice the Role-Playing game