NSM Relational Dojo ~ Facilitator Training

NSM Relational Dojo ~ Facilitator Training

We’re excited to be partnering with Sofia-Jeanne Caring, organizational psychologist and world-class expert in Circling, to train 12 alumni from our community in the art of relational dojo facilitation.

Relational Dojo (formerly Nervous System Crossfit) sessions are an integral part to the path of embodied self-leadership — and we’re planning on bringing this intimate learning and practice area to the forefront for future live cohorts.

We previously ran 2-3 sessions per week and students consistently reported how meaningful and transformative this practice feels in integrating NSM theory and protocols.

As such, we’d like to offer as many sessions as possible during the live cohort. Students will be given the option to join a ‘pod’ at the start of the cohort, which they’ll meet with every week (with you as the facilitator), and unfold on their NS Crossfit journeys together.

To this end, we’re looking to train 12 committed and dedicated NSM students to facilitate this experience…


Training Logistics + Timing

Dates: 31st July - 11th September

  • Wednesday 31st July @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST
  • Wednesday 14th August @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST
  • Wednesday 28th August @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST
  • Wednesday 11th September @ 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST

To qualify as a Dojo Facilitator, your attendance at all 4 sessions would be required.

Time Commitment: 4 x 2hr sessions with Sofia-Jeanne every other Wednesday, plus 4x 60 minute practice sessions during the in-between weeks.

To qualify as a Dojo Facilitator, your attendance at all sessions would be required.

The Relational Dojo Facilitator Training

We’re asking for a $750 training fee (this is a reduced price for our first training) and our promise is that by the end of the eight weeks you will be able to confidently facilitate dojo sessions as part of, (or if you choose separate from) the NSM community.

In the future we hope to set up official accreditation + certification, however for the time being this will be given on an informal basis by Sofia Jeanne at the end of training.

In addition, we’ll be offering $75 facilitation fee per dojo during future NSM cohorts — so if you facilitate 10x dojo sessions during the cohort, then you’ll have earned your training fee back.

Training Outcomes

We’re viewing the Relational Dojo Facilitator curriculum as being highly complimentary for those who are already coaches, therapists and relational guides — or those who find themselves drawn to this modality and enjoy holding space for others in personal or professional settings.

This training will also be an opportunity to learn into your tender edges — since leading sessions is a potent arena in itself for identifying internal blocks, tension or areas where there may be room for growth.

Given that this will be a small and intimate group — the curriculum will be somewhat emergent. However, we envision the sessions unfolding across these core three themes:

  1. NMC Dojo: Theory, Structure + Practices
  2. The Art of Holding Space (Without Holding)
  3. Deepening Self-Awareness for Embodied Leadership

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask Ocean, and if this sounds exciting and you would like to join for the inaugural training, you can secure your seat below.