Session #5 ~ Ritual +  Environment Design

Session #5 ~ Ritual + Environment Design

1. ❤️ THEORY // Co-Regulation

You become the average of the five nervous systems you spend the most time with!

  • List 5 Beings (people or animals) who routinely bring you into safety and connection.

  • Human touch // in all of its forms.

  • Tune into how your body responds around certain people…

  • Talk about Thanksgiving/Christmas as an example… think about the state of your nervous system ~ how do you feel that spending time with these humans will impact your nervous system?

3. 👪  EXERCISE // Audit Support Scaffolding

Paid Co-regulation ~ friends + family are great but

Eventually we all come up against the limits of our individual capacity & it’s a fact of being human we all need support from others (both paid & unpaid) to thrive in work and life — even though at times it can be challenging to admit this and ask for help.


  1. We often need emotional support (aka co-regulation) from others in times of uncertainty to help navigate the challenges.
  2. We struggle to see our own blind spots. We need what I call a challenge network—a group of people who trust us enough to give compassionate criticism and highlight what we can’t see by ourselves.
  3. By inviting others in we are creating external accountability structures to dedicate time + energy to our own regulation, resilience and thriving.

4. 🙏 REFLECTIONS // How has NSM impacted you?