Session #4 ~ The Emotional Dojo

Session #4 ~ The Emotional Dojo


  • Invite participants to relay what they took away from this week’s theory in your own words. Spend three minutes each sharing what were some of the salient points that stuck – how would you describe what you heard?

2. 📝 REFLECTION // Barriers to Fluidity? (10m)

Share slide of barriers to emotional expression.

So if we believe or know that expressing our emotions cleanly is important, what gets in the way? What might be some of the internal or external barriers that get in the way?

Perhaps you might think back to a time or a conversation where you resisted feeling whatever was there to be felt.

Why was this?

Let’s take a couple of minutes to reflect and journal ~ feel free to share any thoughts in the chat & then we’ll come back and discuss as a group.

3. 🏄‍♂️ EXERCISE // Somatic Surfing (25m)

Please message Ocean if you are unable or would not like to participate in the breakout room exercise.

Setting up the exercise:

  • Think of a time or a moment ~ either recently or a while ago ~ that had or still has emotional charge for you — ideally in the range of a 2-4 out of 10

  • take time to think about this, and if nothing comes to mind then try dipping into your experiences with money, your parents, sex or the inevitability of death ~ and something will likely arise.

  • Choose a word that

  • You’ll be sent off into PAIRS. Choose person A + B

  • Person A begins to describe their scene to the other two. This can be a time when you felt deep joy and gratitude, or anger or grief or shame. It’s entirely up to you how deep you’d like to go with this but again I would encourage one that is roughly a 2-4 out of 10.

  • Whilst person A is describing the scene — pay attention to your interceptive feedback and if you start to notice any sensations — then pause the story and hold up your hand to signal that you’re dropping into surf a somatic wave.

  • From here — Persons B ask questions about the sensations that person A is experiencing.

  • Person A does their best to drop into his or her body and begins to describe in real time any sensations that are arising.
    • Try to describe or speak to sensations in at least two parts of your body — and then just pause and be with the sensations allowing whatever is there to be felt or to shift.

  • Either stay here, or if the sensations fade, drop back into the story that you’re describing.

  • You’ll have 5 minutes each for this exercise and then we’ll come back and reflect together.

  • Is everyone clear on this exercise??

Two important points before we begin:

  • Please turn off all notifications or distractions that allow you to be completely present to the other ~ and track any sensations that their sharing or story arises in you.

  • I’ll also mention that this exercise is entirely optional ~ if you would prefer not to partake for whatever reason just stay here in the group space.

4. 🪨 WRAP UP // Grounding & Integration (10m)