Session #3 ~ Shift Your State

Session #3 ~ Shift Your State


🧠  EXERCISE // Climbing Up the Brainstem

Unskillful or unconscious Self-Regulation vs. Intentional Self-regulation

We all have strategies for climbing back up the brainstem ~ or getting back into our window of tolerance (ventral vagal).

Some of them are good for us in the long-term, and others less so.

📝 REFLECTION // Mapping Self-Regulation Strategies

Draw THREE columns.

In the left column ~ write down some somatic signs or cognitive canaries that indicate that you’re experiencing reactivity.

In the middle column write down pattens + tendencies towards unhealthy or unconscious habitual self-regulation.

On the right-side list more desirable self-regulation strategies to explore… (could be some from this week’s theory)

Now break-out rooms to share


❓  Q&A // Open Questions