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Ocean HQ

📆 Week 5

Space for activism x NSM
Low interoceptive awareness - tailoring content to them? First step = complete MAIA.

🔥🌊 Alive this week

How can we make better use of tags/labels in the community?
Familiarise with students
Check students are all in Circle

🔥🌊 Coming up….

Start building FAQ in Notion

↻ Breathe, Work, Breathe, Repeat

Add timestamps to session replays
Check curriculum in Circle for typos
Check on workbook for errors EVERY THURSDAY
Make weekly curriculum live in Circle EVERY SATURDAY
Write wrap-up email EVERY THURSDAY
Write Saturday’s content email EVERY THURSDAY

💌 Weekly Support with Content

  • Helping to create resources — e.g. the student FAQ or an NSM coaching directory
    • Fo sho’. Let’s discuss where these should live.
  • Add community questions into the Student FAQ for me to answer in the live Q&As.
    • Student FAQ in Notion or in Circle?
  • Previewing content before it goes live to help catch dumb mistakes from Jonny ;)
    • Of course! Again, let me know when to expect this to be needed so I can make sure I carve out time.
  • Draft the emails in Convertkit to go out on Saturdays (announcing new content) + Fridays (wrap up)
    • Will the students already be in a mailing list in Convertkit?
  • Run through workbook to check for typos / anything that isn't clear.
    • Happy to, let me know when this is ready

🖥️ Support on Zoom with the Live Sessions

  • Attend the live sessions and help with creating breakout rooms, fielding questions etc.
  • Perhaps hire someone to timestamp videos, edit & upload to our YouTube channel?

👪 Community Experience Design

  • Helping me brainstorm questions, prompts, spaces etc. to help create engagement and track their learning.
    • Oooh tracking learning is a great idea. One thing that comes to mind is creating a simple poll/survey for start, middle, end, and 2 months after the program. What kind of learning data would you like to capture? What they’re learning, or just that they are learning? Perhaps something simple like ‘what’s one thing you learned this week/so far?’
  • Full permission to brainstorm, suggest + experiment with ideas (e.g. what will be our tags or we could automate a welcome message from you using Zapier letting them know that they can reach out with questions?)
  • Creating serendipity and connections between students — once we have the full student list, I’d like to find ways that we could act as matchmakers and make interesting connections (e.g. introduce fellow coaches, people in similar time-zones or countries etc.)
  • NSM Graduation Badges — something fun (perhaps we find a nice template) to award them with in the final week.
  • Connect with Guia (who will be joining this cohort) to talk about ideas for improving community experience.
    • Happy to. Would love a bit more context on this if possible e.g. am I just opening the door to say hey, Jonny mentioned you’re happy to provide feedback on improving community experience (from student’s perspective), let’s figure out the best way to open this dialogue.

💡 J’s Ideas for Student-led sessions

  • Empowering students to run their own live sessions — perhaps giving them a clear way to pitch us with a session idea, and also reaching out to specific students and asking if they’d like to run a live session at some point during the training?
    • Pim to run a ‘co-napping session’ where students listen to the NSDR recording together
    • Sam to run an ‘NSM movement session’ – how to build habits of functional strength into your life.
    • Michael Ashcroft to run an ‘Expanding Awareness’ session
    • Scott Drummond to run an internal parts work session — exploring the overlap between different parts and nervous system states
    • Ben and Richard and Rich Litvin to host a ‘coaches circle’
    • Alex Olshonski to run a ‘Nervous System Regulation for Addiction’ live?

😌 Ocean’s Ideas/Feedback

  • Maybe an extra channel for scholarship students to post their feedback in to?
  • Will onboarding survey results feed into Typeform too?
  • Numbers don’t match (when clicking 1, the page says 2 and vice versa)
  • image
  • What’s the difference in the two scholarship forms in Typeform (one for 30%)
  • Am I right in saying that nothing is taking place in Notion & that it’s all contained within: Circle, Google Docs (handbook), Podcast emails,
  • Love the welcome video!!!! 🙂 great work. It felt very calming to watch.
  • FYI, updated the reply-to for Circle notifications to nsm inbox
  • Discrepancy in numbers on ‘Cohort 2 Students’ (120) & Fully Paid/Free from Applications (118)

⏳ Time Budgeting

  • I know that this will be taking up quite a bit of your time. I thought let’s initially budget for 40-50hrs (£2500?) for NSM — but if this isn’t enough we can definitely increase if needed.
    • Sounds good to me. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on where we’re at with hours, and also where my capacity may become tighter at times e.g. travelling etc. Overall I’m pretty freed up at the moment though.

How does this all sound?

It sounds good to me. I think there’s also the added piece of engaging with students either through email or Circle (I imagine there will be some questions as we work through).

I’ll spend some time doing a deeper dive into the answers people have written in their applications, so I can get a better feel for whose in the room, as that would definitely help me best support them and come up with ideas as we work through.

Further resources

Feedback from the Community



Shares via Twitter

Circle Functionality feedback (for Circle)

  • chat vs post
  • reacting to comments / opening threads
  • mobile doesn’t show documents in spaces
  • when @’ing someone’s name, it can often offer suggestions for wrong name