NSM Closing Call


Breathing: Just for fun let's all turn on our mics and do 4 rounds of VOO HUM breathing.

Journaling Reflection Exercise — we're going to start with a fun creative journaling prompt. I'd like you to imagine that your nervous system could speak and imagine for a moment that your nervous system was reflecting on it's experience over the last few weeks. What might it say? What would it love for you to remember? What else hasn't it shared with you? Begin the letter with Dear - write your name - this is your nervous system and I'm here to tell you... I'd like you to write for 5 minutes in a stream of consciousness. It doesn't matter if it feels silly or bad, just write the first thing that comes to mind.

Reflect as a group - 5-10 mins

Breakout rooms—you'll be in groups of 3, take 5 minutes each to share what over the past 5 weeks has resonated most deeply and second, what your primary intention is moving forward for the next 8 weeks? So you'll have 5 minutes each — 15 minutes in total – to share what has resonated most deeply and second what is your primary intention or desire moving forwards for the next couple of months?

Reflect as a group

Open Sharing—what have been some unexpected highlights that you've experienced in the past 5 weeks which you might not have anticipated when signing up? And related to that what questions are still alive for you that you'll be carrying into the next 8 weeks? Pop-corn style

My personal reflection: this surfaced in the Q&A last week and was a point shared by Jan that the real aim of NSM is to increase our interoception and breath-awareness during LIFE as well as during an intentional practice.

Any final questions or reflections before we close?

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you: thank you for showing up with the enthusiasm and energy that you have as well as your patience with less-than-polished content.

Feedback: I'll be sharing a Typeform later this week asking for feedback, but in the meantime if you have insights or ideas for how to make v2 of this course more impactful please please do share via email or Discord—this feedback is extremely valuable to me and I can't make the next version of NSM any better without your help.

Referrals Many of you joined this program on referral basis — so with that in mind, if you know someone who might appreciate joining our second cohort in 2022, please send them to nsmastery.com to register their application. If they mention your name at the end of the application and then join — they'll get a 10% discount and you'll get a 10% kickback of final price (which is likely to be about $100 per person)

Just for fun—Let's close with 3 full inhales together and then everyone unmute and say FAREWELL NERVOUS SYSTEM NINJAS!


Final Wrap up Call the following Monday

  • Invitation to join the zoom call in January.
  • Discord will remain open and active
  • All materials will be available for the next three months—and you’ll get access to whatever the version 2 looks like.
  • Please fill out version 2 of the snapshot…
  • I would appreciate feedback (separate Typeform)
  • If you know someone who would benefit from NSM, early applications are open for Spring 2022 and I’m giving 20% to referrers (they need to mention your full name in the Typeform application)