How to Take This Course

How to Take This Course


🚀 1. Your Transformation Has Already Begun (~1 minute)


The moment you sincerely committed your time, resources and energy to dedicate to walking this path of nervous system mastery, was the moment that the real process of transformation begun.

Can you feel it in your body? The sense of aliveness and curiosity that was sparked when you made the decision to join?

This bootcamp is built around one central invitation:

How might you come into an intentional + conscious relationship with your nervous system?

Like any functional & nourishing relationship, there are times to listen and times to act. Disfunction in relationships surface when one ceases to truly listen to the other. The same is true in that the source of any disfunction in our nervous system stems from a lack of attunement or deep listening.

❓ 2. Potent Reflection Questions (~3 minutes)

In the days between now and the first course call, I invite you to contemplate these three questions:

Q1. What is your nervous system costing you?

In medical speak hypercortisolinia is the technical term for an excess of cortisol the stress hormone in your blood. As most of us know, in the long term this leads to all kinds of bad things.

How is having less-than-optimal nervous system control impacting your life—at home or at work? Have you ever been teetering on burnout?

Really think about this. How might it have increased unnecessary conflict in your life? Or diminished connection in important relationships? Have you experienced a lack of self-confidence in challenging situations?

Perhaps most importantly, have you, at times, prioritised your resume over your eulogy? What trade-offs are you willing to make that may sacrifice short-term performance for long term health?

Q2. In what ways are you complicit in creating these conditions that you say you don't want?

Our first step in this journey is accepting radical responsibility for the state of our own nervous system. What are some examples of situations where you may have been complicit in creating the conditions for our nervous system dysregulation? How could you have been more intentional in the past or pro-active in building resilience?

Personal example — I recognised I was complicit in my own exhaustion whilst working on my startup Maptia by failing to set appropriate boundaries with my time and work commitments, not prioritising time for the activities that nourished me and also being too stubborn to ask for help from others.

Q3. What is underneath your desire to learn?

This is an invitation to journal a letter to your future self in ten years time—clearly expressing what is underneath your desire to learn this material and invest time in embodying these protocols. What are your hopes for this future version of you? Why is this so important?

💡 3. NSM Learning Principles (~2 minutes)

🎧 1. Create an 'Active Listening' Ritual

Most of us already have too many hours staring at screens, which is why the NSM curriculum is designed to be audio-first, with all supporting notes and visuals shared in Notion for reference. I invite you to create an active listening ritual for yourself that allows you to pay a deeper quality of attention to the material as well as actively take notes along the way. You may choose to go for a walk in nature whilst listening and pause to record short voice memos along the way to summarise what you've heard. You might have the Discord server open to post in questions as they arise, or perhaps sit at home sipping a cup of tea with a pen + journal. Whatever you choose, make it intentional.

🥷 2. You are Becoming a Nervous System Ninja

Lasting habit and lifestyle changes requires changes in our identity. If you can find ways to talk about what you are learning either via social media or to your peers, this process will reaffirm these fledging parts of our identity. Beyond learning the protocols, the most powerful long-term transformation you can make is to become someone who is deeply curious and interested in the state of your own nervous system...regardless of what's happening.

The journey to becoming a ninja is not always enjoyable or easy. It can be tempting to only find fulfilment when you feel positive changes. The invitation for the next five weeks is to learn to fall in love with the process. I suggest making an internal commitment to give the protocols your all for the five weeks. Internal & external stressors will always come and go—our work here is reframing our relationship to them.

👐 3. Build Success Scaffolding

You will have an NSM Accountability Pod as well as a Discord channel of peers to learn alongside with. However, it will be extremely helpful if you can enrol the support of your closest humans, especially those you live with. Share with them what it is you're learning, express why this is so important to you and let them know that their support will help to set you up for success. Plus, consider it new dinner conversation material.

👨‍🏫 4. You Will Learn best by Teaching Others

Related to the identity-based shift above is the idea of leveraging the Feynman technique. At the end of each week you are strongly encouraged to share what you've learned with a colleague or friend in your own words. This will firstly help to identify gaps in your explanation and re-enforce the learnings for yourself. If you help them out too that's a bonus!

NB. there is so much combined knowledge and diverse perspectives in this cohort—you are fully encouraged to find ways of both sharing your own unique insights as well as reaching out to ask others for theirs.

👨‍🎓 4. Notes on Calibrating Expectations (~2 minutes)

1. Seeking Feedback // Firstly, this is the first time this course is running. It's in beta. You will likely notice things that could be improved, made clearer or simply aren't working. If you do please tell me via the #feedback Discord channel. Feedback in all of forms is hugely appreciated and will help me create a better experience for everyone.

2. No Stupid Questions // Related to the above, I'm making myself completely available throughout the duration of the training. Please direct all your questions + curiosities to the #no-stupid-questions Discord channel so that others may benefit and we avoid duplication. I will either reply directly there or save them for the weekly live Q&A if they require a longer answer. For questions that are more sensitive or personal in nature please do feel free to reach out via DM in the Discord Server and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

3. Important Cautionary Note // This NSM training is NOT a replacement for working with a licensed therapist or psychologist of which I am neither. It is entirely possible that through learning to relax your nervous system, underlying traumatic memories or emotions may arise. This is healthy in the long run but does risk being de-stabilising in the short term. If this is the case please do message me (either email or DM) and I will help refer you to a suitable professional.

4. Scope of This Training // This NSM curriculum will not focus on gut nutrition, supplements, time-restricted eating or postural-alignment related protocols. These can be impactful on the nervous system (spoiler: it's all connected!) however they are beyond the scope of this training and outside of my personal expertise. I'm happy to provide recommendations to other practitioners whose work I have found helpful.

5. Be Your Own Teacher // Finally, this is the big one: you are the only one in control of your nervous system mastery. My hope is that the content + community presented will guide and eventually enable you to become your own greatest teacher. I will consider this training a success if by the end you no longer need my guidance and are relentlessly curious to run experiments and learn for yourself. Finally, remember to be gentle with yourself and set down an expectations for overnight transformations—this will truly be a life-long relationship and journey.

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