Curated Directory of Wizards

Curated Directory of Wizards

👩‍🚀 Next Steps

📝 Create Typeform survey
  • two options ~ refer yourself or refer someone else
  • key questions include:
    1. First
      last name
      email (private to us)
      training - covered below
      brief bio
      link to website
      1x Social media link
      Best contact info
      typical clients (i.e. women only etc.)
      modalities trained in
      Certifications + credientials
      approx session cost per hour
      work online or IRL only?
      who else might you refer
      anything else?
      contact form


Connect typeform to Airtable
Connect Airtable to Pory
Jonny to send out Typeform to connections + network

  • 🖥️ Website design
    • Heading 1 ~ ‘Somalist’ ~
    • What this is // find world class somatic practitioners
    • About // Why we created this >>
    • first off write why we’re creating this + importance of somatic therapeutic approaches + knowing that it’s hard to find great practitioners if you’re new to the space + the importance of being trauma-aware and versed in Polyvagal Theory.
    • definitions and info about Hakomi/SE/IFS/FBR etc.
    • email signup (possible to match people down the line?)
    • place where other practitioners can apply to be listed
    • be able to filter/search by different categories
    • Choose a design for pory
      • is there a NSM design systems doc (colour scheme, font family etc)?
      • these are the templates. The structure of the product catalogue seems to match our requirements best, (with the filtering option of the job board) what do you think?
        • fac40b66432c4d8f9cdd273d34c9df79
      each thumbnail card should have the following info
      • image: headshot
      • title: name of the practitioner
      • description:
        • list of modalities offered
        • location
        • online/offline
      • tag (i.e. Tables in the photo)
        • either location or modality I think
      Outstanding tasks:
      Find a way to capitalise the survey responses such as the name - annoyingly airtable only support UPPER() which makes the whole word upper case. ok since we’re gonna review the results before updating pory, we can captilise the name
      find a way to concatenate the first name and last name or just add it as a single field in the form - fixed using a formula in airtable
      Remove the “other” option in the modalities list (it looks odd when it gets populated on pory)
      combine the two lists of modalities into one
      find a way for airtable to not update pory right away without review
      • I’ve emailed pory about this
      • my backup idea for this is to have 2 airtable tables, one that is fed from airtable, and another that feeds pory. any time we review a new row, we can copy it to the table that feeds pory
      find a way to choose between “your name” vs “their name” for pory - fixed using a formula in airtable
      cap the “brief description” (eg: 350 characters)
      add a default headshot image or make it required - making it required is not ideal, given that people are referring others. but setting a default image automatically in airtable requires a paid extension 😕
      Prettify all the airtable column labels as some will be viewable in Pory, then update the typeform/airtable integration if required
      tempted to remove the phone number contact detail. my guess is that 90% of people will leave it blank
      get the search to work for a few different things if possible eg: modalities, maybe add a “filter” functionality
      • to be able to filter by country, I changed the typeform to a drop-down country form
      add a footer linking to our socials - I did this 3 times and for some reason it didn’t save 😟
      add an “about” page
      replace the sidebar button with “sign up” or add it to the footer ??
      add N/A for blank entries of trainings


How to set and update variables in typeform
  • Select the logic tab in the right-hand sidebar, then select “personalise with data”
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  • then select variables
  • the stated values under “custom variables” (eg: “Your”) are the “initial” values - this is what the value of the variable will be by default
  • then based on some condition, you can set the variable to be the new value.