Student’s workbook

@Jonny Miller I love how you highlight the important concept to help students practice in the workbook.

@Angie Wang Yes the workbook is a recent idea… I think it definitely needs some work though to clarify exactly how + when to use it.

Here’re my suggestions on the first thought:

  • It might be helpful to summarize what they should do in each exercise (so they don’t go back and forth circle and workbook to remember what that means).
  • EX: what does heaven & hell refer to? What is Interoceptive A.P.E. Journal?

  • For handwriting addicts like me, I would be so excited if there was a calendar-like space where I could fill out my intentions and experiments of the day and reflect on how it works at the end of the day. (But it might be only for ppl like me who are forgetful about my reaction to certain experiments after one day 🤣)
  • Related to the above daily tracking, would it be helpful to quantify the result of experiments? Or that would simplify the complexity of changes be too much?)
  • (I will continue to add thoughts as I read through the curriculum)