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Hey hey 👋

So I'd like to set you up for success as much as possible... ;)

I also think that what you'll be doing could quite easily be packaged as a Cohort Based Course audit of sorts ~ where you could be brought into other courses and spend time looking for opportunities to improve the student experience + bringing in effective learning principles etc. I’d be happy to provide a testimonial + introductions etc. if you wanted to go down this path…

Anyhow, let’s dive in…

Something I'm mindful of for NSM ~ is to have the pre-recorded content feel as engaging and enjoyable and easy to listen to as possible.

I'm fairly confident in being able to provide compelling live experiences but the pre-recorded stuff requires more effort I think.

The constraints that I think I'd like to set are no more than 20 minutes (max 30m) of pre-recorded content per week. I think it could be helpful to split out the larger sections into smaller and more bitesized audio-snacks.

One conversation I had with a friend yesterday was around what was the ‘crux’ experience that the curriculum was building up to ~ and I think that will be the 'Emotional Dojo' in week four.

How to share with me…

Perhaps if you create a new Notion page of your own (or just use this one) ~ and just add your thoughts / reflections / questions and ideas for improvements there using whatever sections feel appropriate, (along with commenting directly in some cases if that's easier), that will probably be the best.

If you have questions…

Feel free to tag me here in Notion, or probably even easier is to send voice memos back and forth in Whatsapp. Perhaps you could nudge me when you’re 3-4 hours in and I’ll take a look through and share any thoughts feedback #nostupidquestions ;)

Some of the questions I am conscious of are:

  • Will students feel welcomed and clear from the onboarding process? Is it clear how much time they should set aside etc.
  • What are opportunities for bonding the community and creating safety early on?
  • Do the protocols + practices feel like invitations to experiment (rather than me telling them what to do?)
  • Are there sections of the content that feel too 'dry' and theory heavy? Where could stories or anecdotes or brief reflection questions be added to feel more engaging?
  • Could some of the theory be cut and added to the 'NSM Vault' instead to avoid a feeling of overwhelm and possibly not completing the course?
  • What questions might students have that we could aniticipate at the beginning of the program?
  • Does having the NSM 'workbook' in Google Docs make sense? How could this be more delightful etc.
  • What other spaces or rituals could be created in Circle for more engaging experiences (and what would be the best roles for Alumni + Mentors).

^^these are just some of the things on my mind that might help as prompts for giving feedback.

Feel free to edit directly…

Also if you see typos/mistakes in the script feel free to edit directly (I think you have permission to do this in Notion).

The Curriculum for week 5 is still in draft form… hoping to get that written this week.

Timing + Deadline

I think my deadline for this will be to begin recording in the first two weeks of October, so would be great to have the scripts as close to done as possible, and then I can focus on the recordings from there.

Alrighty… thank you again for your support with this ~ excited to have you on board 🚀

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