#4 Satori Clarke

Jumping off points…

Let’s get nerdy…

Could you briefly introduce yourself — where in the world you are and how did you come to be so interested in neuroscience and the breath that you’re currently running a research lab in indonesia…

Let’s unpack a common myths about the nervous system — that regulation is not about eliminating stress or emotional responses from our lives. What does regulation mean to you?

Could you briefly share what Facilitated Breath Repatterning or FBR is — and why you think it’s worth dedicating your research career to?

What is neuroplasticity? And why does it matter?

When you find yourself in reactivity of some kind — what are some ways that you ground yourself and return to ventral vagal?

What is the connection between the way we breathe and our nervous system regulation?

Zach Hall asked >> I would like to hear about what kind of experiments are ran by the breath lab research team that she leads as well as any of their latest discoveries.I would also really love to hear about what inspired her to go into this field of work.

What are some questions that are alive for you right now? What don’t we still understand about the brain and nervous system?

What’s one thing that you wish that everyone in the world knew about the nervous system?

Questions from the group!!