Jonny Miller x Modern Wisdom
Jonny Miller x Modern Wisdom

Jonny Miller x Modern Wisdom

Hey Chris! Long time Modern Wisdom listener here, I heard you mentioned a bunch of times that your curiosity is pulling you towards doing a deep dive into exploring emotions for future episodes — so wanted to pitch myself as a future guest.

🎙️ Previous Podcast Appearances

In recent months I’ve recorded conversations with Danny Miranda, Lenny Rachitsky and last week did an episode for Ali Abdaal which should be getting released in the coming weeks.

🏔️ My Journey to Becoming Less Emotionally Numb

I went to Uni at Durham University and almost certainly went to some of the nights in Newcastle that you were promoting. A few years later we were living in Brighton and my fiancée at the time suffered from an anxiety attack which led her to taking her own life.

The journey through grief that ensued (I gave a TEDx talk on this) both turned my life upside down and led to deep dive explorations into my relationship to emotions and the nervous system.

Fast-forward to today, I teach a program called ‘Nervous System Mastery’ which over 1000 students have taken teaching what I consider to be a fundamental skillset for thriving in an increasingly dysregulated world.

💡 Potential Topics + Questions to Unpack

  • Three Core Nervous System Skills to Cultivate:
    1. Interoception (attuning to your internal moment to moment experience)
    2. Self-Regulation Strategies (top-down, bottom-up and outside in approaches for shifting your state to be appropriate to the situation)
    3. Emotional Fluidity (welcoming not resisting feelings)

I’d like to make the case that engaging in somatic-based therapy approaches has a disproportionately high ROI vs. traditional (top-down_ talk therapy like CBT etc. And that this work is the way to escape emotional Groundhog Day (your phrase which I loved).

I’ve heard listeners ask you questions along the lines of ‘I know that I have this pattern of [X] but I still find myself repeating it…

In my opinion, the reason this happens is that the underlying repressed emotions haven’t been felt. You can understand all the reasons why you get triggered in certain situations (childhood trauma etc.), but if you’re unable to go into the emotions that arise in triggers (often due to shame or lack of embodied safety) then the patterns will continue to repeat themselves.

If you were open to it, I also think it could be fun/interesting for you to share a little about your journey working with intellectualisation as a protection strategy — what have you experimented with re: embodying your feelings vs. explaining them away, what have you found helpful and what questions/skepticism do you still have? And then I could weigh in with some stories from clients + my personal experience with this (also being raised in emotionally repressed British culture). This is kinda the way that my conversation with Ali Abdaal unfolded and it flowed really well.

Some other 🌶-takes that could be interesting to explore:

  • Why you are not responsible for triggering others — the distinction between caregiving and caretaking — I heard you mention that this is something you struggle with personally so maybe we could even explore some role-play coaching live.
  • State Over Story — the science behind how breathwork practices create measurable shifts in your blood chemistry, which are far more effective for managing anxiety + overwhelm (more here)
  • Why embracing anger is the antidote to people pleasing (the caveat being that it’s not expressed at someone else)
  • The Myth of Fact over Feelings — why the best decision making is actually emotional (more here)
  • The Concept of Self-Improvement is shame-inducing — the self-help industry begins with the flawed assumption that we need fixing in some way.

As a fellow podcaster, I love the vision for Modern Wisdom… and in my experience, the mainstream wisdom around emotional work + nervous system practices is sorely lacking, so I’d love to contribute my two cents if you’d have me on.

My schedule is wide open for August + September, so let me know if this is something you’d like to pencil in.



Below is the podcast trailer from Lenny to give you a sense of talking points etc.

p.s. congrats on the Portfolio book deal, I’ve signed with an agent and going down that path myself currently and excited/intimidated for the publishing journey…