Nervous System Literacy
Nervous System Literacy

Nervous System Literacy

Hi there! Once again thank you for your interest in exploring your nervous system. We hope to be running future cohorts in 2024 and beyond, in the meantime you’re more welcome to make use of some of the zero-cost resources below to hopefully increase your nervous system literacy & make progress at your own pace.

The best starting point for this is a five-day email course called ‘Five to Thrive’ — which will hopefully create a great foundation in your knowledge and practices.

You can access the email course >> totally free here << Stay regulated out there!


🔖 Four Essays to Read

1. The Art and Science of Interoception

2. The Operating Manual for Your Nervous System

3. The Best Decision Making is Emotional

4. How to Pay off Your Emotional Debt

🎙️ Free Podcast Episodes to Learn From

If you’re a Spotify user, you can also subscribe to this NSM-specific interview playlist for easy listening. The link is also here.

📚 Six Books to Explore

1 //Anchored’ by Deb Dana – one of the most accessible and well-written books on the science of Polyvagal Theory & how to apply it to your everyday life with field-tested techniques.

2 // 'The Breathing Cure' by Patrick McKeown — an in-depth collection of breathing protocols backed by 20+ years of field research. You’ll never mouth breathe again after reading this…

3 // 'Widen the Window' by Elizabeth Stanley – a superb introduction to the science of trauma, what it means to increase resilience & research-backed tools for increasing your capacity in life.

4 //Nurturing Resilience’ by Kathy Kain – a superb read, although more of a book for clinical practitioners or those who are looking for a deep dive into the world of somatic therapy & working through developmental trauma.

5 //The Practice of Embodying Emotions’ by Raja Selvam, PhD ~ this is a book containing a treasure trove of research + practices for building greater embodied capacity to be with intense emotions. Highly recommended for those wishing to dive deeper.

6 //The Myth of Normal’ by Gabor Maté - Fresh off the press (I’m still making my way through the 500+ pages myself) is Gabor’s attempt to distill over 4 decades of his clinical experience, making the case that the common definition of 'normal' is false & painting a compelling picture of what a saner society might look like.