Nervous System Mastery — Embodied Leadership Bootcamp
Nervous System Mastery — Embodied Leadership Bootcamp

Nervous System Mastery — Embodied Leadership Bootcamp

As Leaders, Founders & CEOs — the state of your nervous system is a direct reflection of the state of your organisation.
I might make Nervous System Mastery a requirement for my portfolio founders. This course is life-changing and the materials are so much richer than I could have imagined.

Julie Fredrickson, Former founder & Investor at Chaotic Capital

This 5-week bootcamp will equip you with evidence-backed protocols, leadership case-studies & 1:1 coaching — enabling you to lead with clarity, and become a grounding anchor for your team.

We are currently accepting applications for the Embodied Leadership cohort — with seats limited to 15 impact-driven leaders.

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👨‍🏫 Meet Your Instructor

Jonny Miller ~ Executive Coach, Former VC-backed Founder & Nervous System Specialist

Jonny co-authored the comprehensive Emotional Resilience in Leadership Report with Jan Chipchase.

He has spent thousands of cumulative hours researching, training & mentoring high-performers and professionals — from the CEO of a rocket-launch company to startup founders recovering from burnout.

Previous leaders Jonny has taught with have hailed from Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Youtube, Apple, Space X, IDEO, Disney, Airbnb, Meta, Adobe, Polygon, Slack, Microsoft, Paramount, Netflix.

🏔️ How is Embodied Leadership Different?

Investing in capacity for self-regulation + emotional resilience is the missing piece from modern-day leadership playbooks.

  • Learn Alongside Conscious Leaders: who recognize the importance of embracing intensity, whilst maintaining the emotional agility and bandwidth to hold space for colleagues and can sustain this over time without burning themselves out.
  • Explore Embodied Practices: learn actionable techniques for stress resilience, enhancing decision-making skills, and emotional regulation alongside other leaders operating in high-stakes environments.
  • Become Nervous System Literate: Understand the science behind stress and emotional regulation, and apply this knowledge to lead with greater insight and compassion.

Inspiring and effective leaders have one thing in common — they possess grounded + regulated nervous systems, which acts as a tuning fork for everyone in their team and organisation.

🏔️ 5 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching Access

Members of the Leadership cohort get personalized guidance from Jonny to compliment the course offerings:

  • Benefit from Jonny's expertise with unlimited voice message coaching. Tailored advice to integrate nervous system mastery principles into your leadership style, ensuring you lead with emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • On-Demand Accessibility: With unlimited voice messaging, receive guidance at your pace and convenience. This flexibility is ideal for busy leaders, ensuring continuous learning and application of NSM principles in your daily leadership role.
  • Leadership Transformation: Experience a profound shift in your leadership approach as you apply NSM principles and enhance your ability to lead under pressure. Jonny's coaching will help you to navigate complex leadership challenges with greater ease and confidence, fostering a healthier work environment for your teams.

🙋‍♂️ Does This Sound Like You?

We are curating an intimate group of high-level group of leaders who are eager to take full responsibility for their emotional state.

1 // Long-term Ambitious Founders — looking to hustle responsibly without accumulating emotional debt.

2 // C-Suite Executives & Senior Leaders — looking to level up their embodied decision making in high-stakes environments.

3 // Team Leaders, VPs & PM’s — who wish to act as a grounding and calm presence for those around them.


👨‍🎓  What You Will Learn

  • Explore how to self-regulate emotions + shift into states of calm as well as the underlying mechanisms that impact decision making.
  • Increase confidence in your ability to calmly respond in the face of stress and reduce the odds of being hijacked by your evolutionary fear-response.
  • Rewire maladaptive responses using research-backed protocols that also improve blood chemistry & nervous system wellbeing.
  • Break-free from an over-reliance on stimulants, invest in insurance against burnout and feel more fully alive.
“NSM is a powerful tool in the personal toolbox. It helps me be more present, ground myself, and regulate my energy through the ups & downs of running a startup.

Best of all, I have lifetime access to the course materials which lets me visit (and revisit) lessons to better incorporate them into my daily life.”

– Ben Kellie, former engineer at SpaceX, currently CEO at The Launch Co. — a pioneering rocket ship launch startup.

📆 Course Logistics

The Spring Leadership Cohort will run March 28 — April 25

⏳  Time Commitment – 90 minutes per week

📹  30 minutes per week for core curriculum content + protocols + exercises via pre-recorded audio to engage with in your own time Plus

👪  60-minute Interactive Zoom Sessions — held weekly on Thursdays at 10am PST / 6pm BST

We recommend signing up at least two weeks in advance to prepare appropriately and go through the pre-course assignments to hit the ground running.

📝 Summary of the Embodied Leadership Training Package

📚  Nervous System Mastery Curriculum — you will receive lifetime access to the Nervous System Mastery curriculum materials + evidence backed protocols to revisit in coming months + years.

👨‍🎓  5x Interactive Workshops — learning alongside 14 impact-driven leaders — who share a mutual interest in levelling up their nervous system capacity, with allocated time for emergent conversations drawing on collective wisdom of the participants.

💬  VIP Coaching Package — which includes unlimited Voice Memo access to Jonny to receive personalized feedback on current challenges arising in real-time.

👨‍🏫  Guest Masterclass Sessions — access to our guest speakers, including sought-after executive coach Joe Hudson.

🎬  Masterclass Vault — receive access to 18 hours of pre-recorded interviews with experts in various fields that relate to nervous system mastery.

The financial investment is 4x payments of $1500 USD (or $5,000 upfront), seats are limited to 15 leaders and are offered by application only.

Apply here

Hypothetically Asked Questions

👨‍🏭 Can I get reimbursed by my employer?

Absolutely, many forward-thinking companies have budgets for personal development + training that increases wellbeing (not to mention helps to mitigate burnout).

Most large organisations, and many smaller ones, will reimburse tuition for professional development and you can use this proposal template to make the case to your team for investing in this training. (you might also consider sharing the Emotional Resilience in Leadership Report with them).

🖥️  Do I need to attend the live calls?

The weekly live calls with Jonny will take place on Thursdays at 10am PST. Attendance is mandatory and we ask that you miss no more than one of the live sessions. If this is not possible then we recommend exploring the regular cohort of Nervous System Mastery (link) which can be taken with a more self-paced approach.

💰 Is there a refund policy on my seat?

Yes, you can expect to receive a full refund before March 8th – in order to give us sufficient time to re-allocate your seat to someone else on the waiting list.

📝  Are there pre-reading materials I can explore?

Yes. You are welcome to read through these four essays written by Jony and the Emotional Resilience in Leadership Report — or alternatively listen to this curated spotify playlist.

🙋‍♂️  How do I know if my nervous system is regulated?

You can take this zero-cost self-assessment — which has been created by Jonny in consultation with neuroscientists, somatic therapists, and nervous system researchers.

👨‍🔬  What is the research behind the resilience protocols?

You can explore some of the curated studies and literature reviews that have informed Jonny's training & workshops. Read here.

👨‍🎓  What do alumni leaders say about Nervous System Mastery?
“Jonny's training opened a door to a space that I barely knew existed. And now that I do, my life is the better for it. This program is going to positively impact me for years to come.”

Brian Portnoy

Founder of Shaping Wealth and author of ‘The Geometry of Wealth’

“Jonny’s training for our leaders and designers at IDEO was engaging, enlightening, and enlivening, walking us through the benefits of embodied breathwork compared to top-down protocols like meditation. He deftly answered our questions and put words into action with interactive demonstrations and lived wisdom.”

Nathan Paterson

Executive Product & Design Leader. ex-IDEO, ex-Disney

"Jonny's masterclass was full of great nuggets that could be implemented right away, The experiential approach kept it engaging, while still covering a ton of content. Jonny didn’t just educate us about what works, he also backed it up with the research and data on why it worked”

— Steve Messinetti

President & CEO Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East

"Jonny’s training gave me both wisdom and practical tools to grow and lead during an especially complex time in both professional and private life. Jonny was a fantastic facilitator and I really enjoyed how the masterclass was set up—this enabled almost instant trust and dialogue between the participants.”

— Sami Niemelä

Founding partner & creative director at Nordkapp