Clinical Breathwork in Canggu
Clinical Breathwork in Canggu

Clinical Breathwork in Canggu

🙋‍♂️ "I got 99 problems but learning to regulate my nervous system solved like 93 of them."

Private Clinical 1-1 Breathwork sessions are one of the most efficient means of exploring your subconscious // experiences range between somatic healing + emotional catharsis to experiencing deep joy + profound creative insights.


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“During an extended breathwork journey with Jonny — a fully formed and good idea just seemed to download itself into my brain while I was breathing as I watched it assemble itself in front of me.”

– Michael Ashcroft, founder of ‘Expanding Awareness’


🧙‍♂️ How is this Style of Breathwork Different?

Facilitated Breath Re-patterning’ is a powerful modality that reliably leads to nervous system regulation, emotional catharsis, deep states of calm & creative breakthroughs.

During facilitated breath re-patterning sessions, the associated shifts in our blood chemistry increase our access to stored our subconscious patterns that hold us back in life or create the conditions for burnout.

What emerging research is showing is that certain breathing rhythms correspond to related emotional patterns.

In addition, in this state of respiratory alkalosis, there is a high degree of neuroplasticity — meaning that these nervous system changes can move from altered states to altered traitsso they stick for the long term.

💪 “Knowledge is Only a Rumour Until it Lives in the Nervous System”

– Jonny Miller


🫁 Primer on Nervous System Literacy —

My guess is that no-one ever taught you how your nervous system really works... let alone that with training you can learn to consciously control it.
  • The problem is that we live in a broken culture that traps us in cycles of 'exteroception' – meaning we are dependant consumers of various pills + products promising to change our state.
  • Why are we trapped? Because no-one taught us the art & science of 'interoception' — meaning your capacity to experience our inner-landscape & consciously self-regulate.
  • Worse still, prolonged periods of high-stress causes 'allostatic overload' to accumulate—this increases the fragility of our nervous system leading to anxiety, exhaustion & ultimately burnout.
  • Walking this path of truly mastering your Nervous System means feeling in total control of your internal fuel system — either pressing your foot on the gas pedal or recovering from intense output — whatever the moment requires.
"We don't actually experience the world—instead we filter reality through the state of our nervous system."


🙋‍♂️ Is This For You? —

I’ve found the most motivated people who get the most from these sessions together fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Solopreneurs & Business Owners // who have woken up to the non-negotiable work of taking responsibility for their emotional state.
  • Crypto Traders // who are working with highly volatile markets and need to stay regulated and grounded when making key decisions.
  • Creative Freelancers // who wish to share their gifts with the world but feel over-stimulated and have been prone to burnout in the past.
  • Yoga Teachers, Coaches & Clinical Practitioners // who are curious to learn more of the neuroscience of stress and add tools to their toolkit.

No prior experience necessary. All protocols are completely safe and backed by quality peer-reviewed research.


👨‍🎓 What to Expect —

  • Explore how to self-regulate emotions + shift into states of calm as well as the underlying mechanisms that impact decision making.¹
  • Increase your window of tolerance & stress resilience—as measured by your resting average 'Heart Rate Variability' (HRV) + ventral vagal tone to create more energy, deeper rest & heightened creativity.²
  • Discover why the condition of your nervous system augments your experience of reality & how to use 'IF [THIS] THEN [BREATHE]' as a remote control for your state.
  • Rewire dysfunctional breathing patterns with research-backed protocols that also improve blood chemistry & increase 02 flow.
  • Increase confidence in your ability to calmly respond in the face of stress and reduce the odds of being hijacked by your evolutionary fear-response.
  • Break-free from an over-reliance on stimulants, invest in insurance against burnout and feel more fully alive.

¹'Heart Rate Variability and Decision-Making: Autonomic Responses in Making Decisions' by Forte et al 2021 (link)

²'Systematic Review of Associations Between Interoception, Vagal Tone, and Emotional Regulation' by Thomas Pinna et al 2020 (link)

👨‍🏫 Meet Jonny Miller

In 2017, Jonny's fiancée suffered from an anxiety attack — the changes in her brain chemistry in that moment led her to the misguided conclusion that she needed to take her own life.

He believes that if she and others like her had known about these practices, these tragedies could be avoided.

In the years since he has co-authored the comprehensive Emotional Resilience in Leadership Report with Jan Chipchase, and spent thousands of cumulative hours researching, training & mentoring high-performers and professionals — from the CEO of an 80 person rocket launch company to startup founders recovering from burnout as well as sought after executive coaches.

Jonny has facilitated multi-day Emotional Resilience Masterclasses in collaboration with Studio D for professionals hailing from Slack, Google, Twitter, Habitat for Humanity, Salesforce and Harvard Business School. He has trained with several breathwork schools including Breathwork Bali studying under his mentor Edward Dangerfield. Learn more about Jonny or subscribe to his Curious Humans newsletter + podcast here.



🚀 What’s Included?

Nervous System Mastery coaching will be tailored to meet your needs, but here’s a sense of what you can expect:

  • 🫁  5x 120-minute Facilitated Breath Re-patterning Journeys // designed to relieve emotional debt, increase capacity, build resilience and create a nervous system reset.
  • 📝  Personalised Recommendations // for work + lifestyle changes to cultivate calm, increase alertness and design your environment for nervous system flourishing.
  • 💬  Access to Jonny via Whatsapp // for followup questions and additional support.
  • 🧰  Lifetime Access to Nervous System Mastery Content ($700) // including deep dive theory + protocols that draw on quality research from quality peer-reviewed studies and have been distilled for ease of learning.
  • 📱  Recommended Products // a list of recommended bali-based products, protocols supplements and optional bodywork sessions—customised to your needs that will assist with full nervous system recovery.

💰 Financial Investment -

Jonny has limited space for 5x in-person clients. After an initial conversation, if it feels like a good fit on both sides the cost is $2500 for the five-week package.

Scholarship Places // one scholarship is available for a balinese local or someone experiencing financial hardship with a special case.

🙏 What Others Are Saying —

"Working with Jonny changed me, it has made me approach my working life, my personal space, my boundaries and my thoughts differently.”

—Katie Gawlik SVP, Strategy & Development, Maru/Blue

“Did my first guided breathwork journey with Jonny Miller. MIND = BLOWN. I'm only just scratching the surface of what's possible with the breath and it's truly astounding. Highly, highly recommended.”


– Jonathan Carson, freelancer, writer & entrepreneur.

"My coaching + breathwork experiences with Jonny have been an invaluable resource in getting past burnout, improving my work/life balance, and becoming an effective leader & business owner.” – Matt Goodwin, founder + CEO at Wholesale Gorilla

📝 Final Word From Jonny —

This Is About So Much More Than Productivity...

The type of attention that we pay in the world is a profound moral act. Imagine listening to you nervous system, attending to your senses as if they were playing an exquisite piece of music.

The receptiveness changes the quality of the nervous system.


These breathwork sessions are based on a radical idea—that your experience of reality depends upon the quality of your attention.

And the quality of your attention depends upon the state of your nervous system, which depends on your ability to get out of your head and into your body.

Why does this matter? Well many of us feel that that the world is fragmented and not exactly heading along the right track—but we rarely admit to our own role in this.

Whilst it is no-one's fault that there was a lack of societal education in our culture, what is clear is that the root cause of acting from unconscious anger, lack of empathy and all fear-based human behaviour (mine & yours) stems from a lack of collective nervous system regulation.

When both you and I feel empowered to own full responsibility for our emotional state, truly embody the practices that reconnect us to ourselves and tend to our neuronal hard-wiring – we are taking a meaningful step towards reconnecting society & healing our planet.

I hope you will consider joining me in this fascinating deep dive into our primal conditioning & explore who you might become on the other side.