Ultimate NSM Ambassador Referral Guide

Ultimate NSM Ambassador Referral Guide

Hi friends + NSM Alumni, Thanks for your interest in our Alumni Referral Program! I’m excited and grateful that you’re keen to promote (and potentially join) the new NSM Cohort. I’ve put together this guide, we want to make it as easy as possible… Any questions? Hit up Jonny here ~ jonny@curioushumans.com ;)

📝 How It Works

Step 1: Signup for our Ambassador Referral program via ThriveCart ~ N.B. that you can make up your own affiliate I.D., i.e. mine might be ‘jonnymiller123’ ✏️

Step 2: Grab your unique referral link from your dashboard in Thrivecart – this will link directly to the checkout page. Head to ‘Products’ → ‘Nervous System Mastery’ → + grab your unique referral link. N.B. you will need to connect your Paypal account first 💸

Step 3: Share the NSM landing page (nsmastery.com) as well as your custom referral link with friends between Sept 28 – Oct 28 (when enrolment is open). They will need to ideally mention your name in the application and pay using your custom link. If not we can figure things out manually later but it might take time 🔗

Step 4: Earn 30% ($200) per friend that you refer 🙌 

👆 NB. if all of this ThriveCart stuff feels like too much hassle or overly complex, you can also just ask your friends to mention ‘Referred by [your name]’ in their application form and we can sort out the referrals down the line (it’ll just take a bit longer)

💬 Key Messages

You can use these to talk about NSM—also feel free to riff in your own delightful way. Ideally sharing some of your experience of NSM, the impact it had and what your journey was like will probably be the most compelling ;)

Medium Version (Twitter)

Words to come…

Short Version (Twitter)

Words to come…

❓ FAQs

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can earn?

No. If you generate one referral, then we’ll pay out USD $210 for one referral. If you generate 10 or 100 referrals, we’ll payout the respective amounts.

When and how will I get paid?

All payouts will be made via PayPal. When you’ve signed up for the Alumni Referral Program in ThriveCart this should be straightforward to set up.


Hi [NAME],

Thanks for signing up as an NSM Ambassador.

This page should contain all of the info you need to get started.

Juel Tailor jueltailor@gmail.com Ben Ford ben@commando.dev Fern Lim curioushumans@fernlimyay.com Nazoorah nazoorah10@gmail.com Jonathan Carson jonathancarson.mail@gmail.com Jason Nguyen 91nguyenj@gmail.com Max Michael maxgmichael@gmail.com Akhil Draksharapu meet2akhil@gmail.com Lizzy Smith lizzypiffany@mail.com Chris Haaf chrishaaf@gmail.com Michael Ashcroft mdashcroft@gmail.com Kshitiz Anand ksh.anand@gmail.com Yihui dearyihuichan@gmail.com